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National Service Scheme(N.S.S)

The main objective of N.S.S is, to serve the community while studying in an educational institution. N.S.S seeks to arouse the social consciousness of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people around the educational campuses creatively and constructively.

The motto of the N.S.S is ‘not me but you’. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need to appreciate other man’s point of view and shoe consideration for fellow human beings. It also underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.

Specific Objectives of N.S.S:

  • To achieve all round personality development of the student through community participation.
  • To work with and among the people.
  • To engage in creative and constructive social action and to inculcate the sense of dignity of labor.
  • To enhance their knowledge of the community through interaction with reality of social life.
  • To put their scholarship to practical use in mitigating the problem of the society.
  • To gain skill in the exercise of democratic leadership.
  • To bridge the gulf between the educated and uneducated masses.
  • To promote the will to serve the weaker sections of the community.

Sri A. Rajin kumar , M.B.A. Assistant professor, department of commerce and business management is the N.S.S programme officer of the college

Projects Undertaken :

Clean & Green Programmes : Both the teachers and the students are actively involved in these programmes regularly

Institution Work : Placing the students as volunteers in select welfare agencies outside the campus.

Institution Projects : Involving them in the activities pertaining to improvement of campuses, construction of play-fields, beautifying the college building, etc..

Rural Projects : Engaging them in programmes like AIDS awareness programmes, eradication of illiteracy, minor irrigation works, sanitation saving drive, construction of rural roads etc.

Blood Donation : Encouraging students in blood donation.

Special Activities :

  • Our college NSS unit has organized a special village camp for 7 days at kyathampally village on 24th march 2018.
  • Our college organized 5 days University level digital India camp on 12th sep 2017.
  • 10 students participated in MEDARAM MEGA camp on jan 29th 2018.
  • Our college NSS unit has organized district level NSS youth festival on 09th nov 2017.
  • Our college NSS unit has organized a blood donation camp where we collected 169 units of blood on 24th feb 2018.
  • State level adventure camp.
  • Our college NSS volunteers participated in Haritaharam at K.U on 17th july 2017.
  • 3 days State level self employability programme on 15th march 2018.
  • Pre-republic day parade camp -10days on 20th oct 2017

And also EYE CHECK UP camp. Prapancha telugu maha sabhalu rally


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